Peter cox - what a fool believes

The pilot of Fool Us was first commissioned by John Kaye Cooper, the controller of entertainment for ITV. [12] In February 2011, it was announced that due to good viewing figures, a series of eight episodes had been commissioned, and would be produced by September Films and 1/17 Productions. [13] The eight episodes were shot in a ten-day filming block, and began airing in June 2011. [14]

Courtney was yet to recover from the shock of the ambush and had no
idea where these men were taking her. She didn’t know what their intentions
were , but they didnt seem too noble. They got out of the parking lot and
drove on. Courtney began assessing her situation, she had by then realized that
the gag in her mouth was a penis gag. She was being used as a footrest by this
darkhaired white man, who seemed very evil. She hadnt got a chance to see who
her other captors were, but she noticed that one of them was black and the other
white. Why were they kidnapping her ? ransom ? rape ? She flinched at these
And decided she did not want to think any further. They drove on for another
of car stopped and the man pulled Courtney up onto the seat holding
her by hair.
He then untied her ankles and pulled her out of the car, they dragged her into
seemed an old country house. They lead her inside to one of the rooms, the man
was sitting in the backseat appeared to be the leader. The driver whose name was
mark entered
the room. He informed ted that the video cameras were switched on. Courtney was
as well as confused as to what this all meant. One thing she was sure of , they
were upto
no good. Ted told mark that it was quite late already and they should start.
Mark brought two chairs. Ted sat in one and made Courtney sit in the other. Mark
back in a minute and told Ted that he had checked everything and he should start

Peter Cox - What A Fool BelievesPeter Cox - What A Fool BelievesPeter Cox - What A Fool BelievesPeter Cox - What A Fool Believes