Haven - wouldn't change a thing

Dr. Rubino focuses on positioning your spine into the best alignment so your body can heal itself. As he frees the nerves in your spine from disc compression or a vertebrae that is out of place, you receive pain reduction. Whether your pain is sudden or has gradually increased through years of poor posture or work overuse, our chiropractor will re-educate your body on proper positioning. As your body adjusts to the new position, it feels better. You have more energy, you are more focused, you breathe easier, sleep better and move more fluidly. Our goal is to return you to an active, pain-free life without the use of medications. Chiropractic adjustments of your spine and other joints are the way to accomplish this. The adjustments are gentle and without side effects. You will leave the office feeling better than when you arrived and will not need medication. If you want to see and feel the benefits of chiropractic care in your life, call us today at 203-933-9404. We will schedule your initial appointment and find a convenient time to fit your needs.

Great starter rides for little kids, super friendly staff. Amazing to see all the LEGO creations. And Cypress Gardens is a gem.

You may have a grandfathered plan through your job, or you may have bought one directly from an insurance company or agent or broker.

Haven - Wouldn't Change A ThingHaven - Wouldn't Change A ThingHaven - Wouldn't Change A ThingHaven - Wouldn't Change A Thing