Prefab sprout - the golden calf

You know her as the "Wendy" to our Sproutless, but have you heard her outrageously wonderful Christmas song? It's an instant classic! Let's see how many shares we can get for Andrea Perry. PLEASE SHARE THIS on your timeline. : ) Merry Christmas!

There was a time when McAloon was as feted as Morrissey and he did threaten to take over, if not the world, then at least the music press. "For a while it's seemed as though the entire future of civilised songwriting hinged on his pen nib," wrote Barney Hoskyns in NME in March 1984, around the time of the release of Prefab Sprout's debut album, Swoon . Over the past two decades, he may have withdrawn somewhat from the fray, with health issues – he has tinnitus and a detached retina – ruling out touring. But he still talks about "lyrical gorgeousness" and "sonic excellence" in a way that befits someone who, with Prefab and producer Thomas Dolby, created some of the most beautiful and intelligent records of their era, from Steve McQueen (1985) to Jordan: the Comeback (1990), via From Langley Park to Memphis (1988).

Prefab Sprout - The Golden CalfPrefab Sprout - The Golden CalfPrefab Sprout - The Golden CalfPrefab Sprout - The Golden Calf