Donna fargo - look what you've done

Country singer/songwriter Donna Fargo was born as Yvonne Vaughan on November 10, 1945 in Mount Airy, North Carolina. Donna began singing in her early teens. She attended both High Point College and the University of Southern California. Following graduation from college, Fargo began working as a high school teacher in Covina, California and eventually became head of the English Department. She met her future husband and manager Stan Silver in California; they got married in 1968. Fargo initially began performing in various clubs in California. In 1966 Donna went to Phoenix, Arizona, adopted her stage name Donna Fargo, and recorded her first single. Her first major stage show was with Ray Price. In 1969 Fargo was named the Top New Female Vocalist by the Academy of Country Music Awards. In 1972 Donna scored her first big country hit with the infectiously upbeat "The Happiest Girl in the Whole ." the song peaked at #1 on the country charts and went all the way to #11 on the Billboard pop charts. Fargo subsequently won a Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for "The Happiest Girl in the Whole ." and was named the Top Female Vocalist by the Academy of Country Music Awards. The equally charming follow-up song "Funny Face" did ever better: it was another #1 country hit and cracked the Top 5 on the Billboard pop charts. Donna had two more #1 country hits with the songs "Superman" and "You Were Always There." She scored additional #1 country hits with "You Can't Be a Beacon If Your Light Don't Shine" and "That Was Yesterday." Fargo's other 70's country hits include such songs as ""Little Girl Gone," "I'll Try a Little Bit Harder," "It Do Feel Good," "Mr. Doodles," "Mockingbird Hill," and "Daddy." She hosted her own short-lived TV series in the late 70's. In 1978 Donna was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis; she took some time off to recover and bounced back in 1979. Although her career waned a bit in the 80's, Fargo continued to record albums and singles throughout that particular decade. She had a Top 30 country hit with "Me and You" and "Members Only," a duet with Billy Joe Royal, peaked at #23 on the country charts in 1987. Outside of music, Donna has her own successful line of greeting cards and has written several books of poetry. She still continues to tour and perform in concert in both the United States and other countries. In 2008 Donna Fargo released the CD single "We Can Do Better in America."

I really enjoy playing and singing bright and cheerful songs like this one. Donna Fargo is excellent writing and singing this style. It's a one you can easily learn, it has an up tempo beat with easy chords.  Print The Happiest Girl In The Whole . lyrics and chords, when you sing and play this one, everyone feels better.

Donna Fargo - Look What You've DoneDonna Fargo - Look What You've DoneDonna Fargo - Look What You've DoneDonna Fargo - Look What You've Done